Monday, March 17, 2014

Video Player App for Kids!

Hey Friends!

Check out this awesome new App for your iPhone and iPad - KIDS VIDEO PLAYER with CHILD LOCK!

This app is specifically designed for kids and toddlers to watch video offline. Very easy to use, with simple kid friendly user interface. Perfect for kids to watch videos on the go without internet or data connection.

Parents can select videos, stored on their device or download fun and educational videos that kids can watch offline.

Videos includes fun nursery rhymes, sing-a-longs, ABC's, colors, counting, and more!

Create a playlist, with video icons on desktop, so that kids can easily find the videos to play. Parents can lock the video player and select an option to play video individually; in a loop or whole play list.

+ Parents can lock video player's controls, to ensure that kids won't be able to stop or exit video.
+ Parents can select a list of approved videos that kids can watch.+ Plays video in offline mode without need of internet or data connection.
+ Support of Guided Access feature on iOS7. App detects Guided Access and enabled Kids Mode automatically.
+ Lot of options to control behavior on playback completion. Playlist mode, loop mode, etc.
+ Switching between dark and light theme, and other options inside device's Settings App.

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