Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm a Little Teapot Nursery Rhyme!

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Watch I'm A Little Teapot Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics:

"I'm a Little Teapot" Lyrics:

I'm a little teapot

Short and stout

Here is my handle

Here is my spout

When I get all steamed up

Hear me shout

"Tip me over

and pour me out!"

I'm a clever teapot,

Yes it's true

Here let me show you

What I can do

I can change my handle

And my spout

Just tip me over and pour me out!

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I'm a Little Teapot is a popular family nursery rhyme for kids, children, and toddlers. In this nursery rhymes video you will sing the teapot song, watch the animated cartoon of a little teapot, and learn the hand motions. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and babies!

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